Call sign: DeadPool

For superheroes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces


Позивний: DeadPool

For superheroes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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Three steps to hero-car “DeadPool“

Your rewards

1. Sponsor page

The name or alias of every participant, who will contribute the amount of money starting from 500 UAH or more, if desired, can be featured in "pixel" on gratitude page for years and the receipt of funds for buying a héro-car will also be displayed.

Contribute and write your name or alias on the page of héro in the name of “DeadPool“ together with other sponso-carrs

All sponsors that will wish to stay anonymous heroes will be displayed in the separate block of the gratitude page.

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2. The t-shirt “The twelfth hero"

Each sponsor who will make a contribution in the amount of UAH 5,000. or more will receive an exclusive commemorative t-shirt from the amazing animator fill_feaouill, as a reminder that namely you has become the twelfth hero, and thanks to who Marvel superheroes came to our world to serve the good, the dignity and the justice represented by armored vehicles together with real heroes - warriors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


3. The gratitude sign

The name of every participant, who will contribute 25000 UAH and more will be displayed on the memorable sign, fixed inside the hero mobile MLS SHIELD.

Carve out your own name in the history of hero-car “DeadPool“ so that alive heroes will see it serving together with them.

This sign is not printed out yet. This sign will be made out of metal plate with carving out and will be fixed on the visible place inside the armored vehicle. So that our heroes-warriors can see it.

It will happen at once when the money will be raised enough for buying the armored vehicle.

Remember, you directly affect how quickly it will happen.

To sponsor the project

The team of superheroes who have been already waiting.

The team of superheroes who have been already waiting.

Do you have any questions? See below or write to us!

What shall I do if I cannot make a donation through a donation platform?2022-06-29T17:55:16+03:00
Why Marvel?2022-06-29T17:33:54+03:00
The Armored car is called SHIELD In Marvel universe an agency which organized a group of superheroes is called S.H.I.E.L.D. Most of those connected to S.H.I.E.L.D. are people without any superpowers but connected by a mutual goal of fighting the evil. We are citizents, ordinary people, and it looks like we are without any super powers and abilities but that is not the truth. Our power is an ability to help our superheroes, our Ukrainian Armored Forces, TOGETHER and on time. That is why every of us is a part of that very 12th superhero, an integral part of the team that fights the Empire of Evil.
Why superheroes?2022-06-29T17:34:14+03:00
Because superheroes of this war are Ukrainian soldiers. Their power and abilities they use for protecting good, honor, justice and statehood is obvious. In Marvel universe the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization was created for saving worldwide safety and protection of the USA. Our superhero soldiers and armored carriers SHIELD aim to protect Ukraine and thus safety in Europe. So, friend, if you are not a fan of movie comics and your fight between forces of Good and Evil associates with the universe of Star Wars or Battle of Thrones… you will understand us – without superheroes the Victory of Ukraine is not achievable. And thus without your help – too. Do you join us?
How can I see which part of a hero-car I have got?2022-06-29T17:35:20+03:00

You choose which vehicle you like. Make your donation. On the Hall of Honor page an element or a group of elements of the automobile picture gets your name or call sign or whatever you will suggest to write.

Now those signed “pixels” are yours personally and will stay such for a long time. We will pay for website hosting for 10 years. To see yourself you just need to move your cursor over elements of a picture – each element highlights with the name of a donator. You will definitely find yourself among those names.

Can I buy only a thematic T-shirt?2022-07-02T12:53:50+03:00

Yes. To get a T-shirt you must make a charitable contribution of 5000 hryvnias. Along with a T-shirt you get 10 elements (pixels) on sponsors’ page of a hero-car of your choice!

How much does it cost?2022-06-29T17:36:19+03:00
To buy 11 armored carriers we need to raise 45 million hryvnias. One pixel element on a picture of an exact auto costs 500 hryvnias. You can buy an unlimited number of pixels. And not only record your name in a history of war between Good and Evil by doing so but also get souvenirs of appreciation from us. In particular, on the Hall of Honor page your name will take the more place the bigger your donation is. And if it is 25 thousand hryvnias or more with one payment then your name will be on a metal plate which is inside a carrier – the Warriors will know who applied to their strength.
What autos are bought and what is their quality?2022-06-29T20:32:15+03:00

The producer is a specialized Italian company TEKNE. It started as a small family business but then became partners with IVECO SpA – a producer of heavy trucks for work in extreme conditions of refining and mining industry and specialized machinery, in a sector of safety and protection in particular. Accumulated experience allowed TEKNE starting from 2012 make their own line of armored vehicles and specialized military machinery: high armored Marsos APC/MRAP 4x4 18t, light armored carrier OKRIKAM APC 4x4 7.5t, light tactical SUV SOV 2016 4x4 (for special operations) and MLS SHIELD 2016 – our heromobiles.

What is needed to take part in the project?2022-06-25T11:25:04+03:00
1.Choose a hero. 2.Choose an option of participation 3.Make a contribution 4.Let us know the following information: - a name for the plate - how to get souvenirs 5.Get rewards and souvenirs
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