A reliable armored car for the superheroes of the Armed Forces of UKRAINE

The key point of the Victory at the front is to support the army in the rear!

характеристики mls shield

Technical characteristics of of the armored vehicle MLS SHIELD

  • Approach angle 41°
  • Descent angle 39°
  • Slope: 60%
  • Side slope: 40%
  • Turning radius:7m
  • Weight without load:11.5 t
  • Loading:1.5 t
  • Total weight up to: 14 t.
  • Overcoming the ford: 1m

  • Vertical step: 450mm
  • Max speed:110kph
  • Power reserve:500km

MLS SHIELD-multi purpose, universal and tried

MLS SHIELD - multi-purpose, universal, reliable paramilitary car with great potential for modification.
6 -cylinder engine with 6 speed automatic transmission provides power transmission to the wheels through the high and low range speeds due to the two-speed transfer case.

One of the main characteristics of an armored car is resistance to ammunition of different caliber. MLS SHIELD armor provides reliable protection against bullets 7.62mm both for engine and crew, and landing , placed inside.

Buy an armored car MLS SHIELD for heroes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
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